Month: November 2014

  • A Happy Belated Thanksgiving

    So, I am a little late on the Thanksgiving greetings.  Yesterday was a very busy day.  With the big lunch being at our house, it was a constant stream of activities from Wednesday after work until I went to bed last night.  We had a few hours of downtime, but that was mostly filled with […]

  • In Line For LASIK

    I went for my “pre-op” for my LASIK surgery yesterday.  After watching the procedure done on my wife, I almost backed down.  The eyes are about the only thing I am squeamish about, but I am not going to puss out.  The dentist has to be 100 times worse.  That, I do a shot of […]

  • Worthless

    Yesterday, I felt completely worthless.  I anxiously wanted to do something and get some work done, but there were too many things stacked against me.  I had to figure out my persuasive essay for this English Comp class, do a few more class tasks, and it was icy in the morning.  By the time it […]

  • More Inspiration

    It has been a few days since the last post.  I was travelling, and working 12-16 per day leave little time to eating and drinking beer.  If I have a choice between turning on my machine and posting a topic or drinking beer, I am going to choose drinking beer, especially after a long day […]

  • I Hate Trees

    “How could anyone hate tress?” you might ask.  I had a plan this weekend that was ruined by trees.  A few weeks ago, a tree fell onto my electric fence.  It pissed me off.  I cut it up and repaired the fence.  I got my excavator back shortly after and finished the barn extension and framing […]

  • BS Holidays

    I complained a bit about National Cat Day a while ago.  Today is National Pickle Day.  Why?  What the hell am I supposed to do or be grateful about pickles?  Some pickles are good; some are not.  Holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Independence Day (talking US holidays now), Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, Easter (Pascha) all have […]

  • Why Did I Watch That?

    The wife got LASIK done yesterday, and I can understand why.  I hate wearing glasses.  It doesn’t bother me so much until I get scratches on the lenses.  In the waiting room, they initially asked if I wanted to watch.  “Hell, no!” was my first response.  An hour later, and it was her turn.  Curiosity […]

  • Getting Things Done

    The worst part about being busy is how things never seem to get done.  It’s do this for a little bit, then move onto that.  Ooops!  Forgot about this one thing.  Before I realize what was happened, I have ten things that are about half finished.  I finally got the barn expansion one.  There is […]

  • Hard Work

    Nothing makes me feel better (and more pain) than hard work.  I am not talking about working hard at writing a books, burning code, or any other activity that has me sitting on my ass.  I am talking about lifting wet 2x10x20 headers in place, holding them with one arm while they are screwed in […]

  • Always Busy

    The next few days will be very busy.  Last night was taken up by parent/teacher conferences for the kids followed by mountains of homework and changing the break pads on the Pilot.  Today and tomorrow is filled with construction.  I have a couple of guys coming over to help build the leanto on the back […]