Month: May 2015

  • Done’ish

    The Amanai Resolution is on paper.  Editing should be done soon.  The book cover is scheduled to be done on June.  I have to admit that I am excited the story is concluding.  I think this has evolved nicely from the first through the third.  I would be worried about what to do with my […]

  • Through Chapter 26

    I have through chapter 26 written in The Amanai Resolution.  I only have a few more chapters until the story is on paper.  Editing has been going on with the earlier chapters, so I am confident the book will be done by the end of summer.  It has been a couple of weeks since my […]

  • Editing Started

    Even though I have yet to finish the entire book, editing has started on The Amanai Resolution.  I am hoping to finish the last ten chapters before the editors finish their first rounds of editing.  I guess I had better quit writing these posts and start writing the story!  Too bad things like jobs have […]

  • Done! Sort of…

    The basement is finally done!  It ha been a long, three year journey.  It was three years ago that we first requested a quote/bid on the basement.  I never did get the final number for a quote, but I know I could have bought a couple of cars for the amount spent.  That part does […]