Month: June 2015

  • Pull Your Fair Weight

    I have heard many times in the past eight years about “their fair share.”  Fair share of what?  It was used by Democrats during the last couple of presidential elections.  It is an honest and fair mindset.  Why are people getting screwed and not getting their fair share of the American dream?  Why do the […]

  • Cover Done!

    The cover for The Amanai Resolution has been completed!  As usual, Caitlin Taylor did an amazing job on the cover!  It sure beats the crayon drawing I had for the cover.

  • Shortsightedness

    People are shortsighted.  It is easy to think that outlawing all guns will prevent mass shootings.  That thought completely ignores the fact that criminals and the mentally unstable do not give a shit about laws.  Economics tells us that when there is a shortage due to regulations, there will be a black market to satisfy […]

  • The Tragedy of Tragedies

    When catastrophe strikes, we try to think how to prevent it in the future.  The problem is, nothing can prevent tragedies.  It is a part of life that we have forgotten in a civilized world. The first thing we try to do is explain why something like this happened.  Why did a wildfire take out thousands of […]

  • Are Vacations Worth It?

    Sometimes I wonder if vacations are truly worth the effort and time.  There is nothing like pausing your life to have some fun.  I enjoy not thinking about every day life for a week.  Then when I get back, I am cursing the very vacation I was praising.  For example, I have over 500 emails […]

  • What Day Is it?

    I know I have stated many times that I have been very busy.  Some things are starting to calm down.  In a week, the cows will be taken to the butchers.  That is a good thing as the basement project, although finished, has put me in the hole a bit.  The Amanai Resolution is done […]