Month: October 2015

  • Not Every Time

    These posts are generally rather negative in some fashion.  That is usually because people are idiots, and most of them do not even realize it.  This post is different. Jayden was diagnosed with a slew of medical issues at a very young age.  Due to these medical issues, he was never going to be able […]

  • Vacation to Work

    There seems to be something wrong with needing to take vacation from work to get work done around the house.  It happens often around this time of  year.  Working full time, going to school full time, taking kids to football practice, keeping up the house, cooking dinner, and many other things I cannot remember.  When […]

  • Paranoid

    American is becoming paranoid, yet completely ignorant.  Take the matter on guns and gun control.  It is so engrained in our culture the be able to own and use guns, but people forget that.  Thirty years ago, it was acceptable to bring your rifle and ammo to school so you and a couple of buddies […]

  • Gender Differences

    Are men and women equal?  No.  Are all men equal?  Nope.  Are all women equal?  Again, no.  Is that bad?  Not at all.  We all deserve equal rights, or at least an equal chance to live our lives.  The choices we make in life help decide how much of that freedom we keep.  Anyone who […]