Month: June 2017

  • Building People Up

    I do not get why people are so bent on tearing people down.  We all have enough to worry about.  We do not need to worry about making other people feel as shitty as we do.  No one knows someone else’s full story.  We all keep our secrets, something that is so embarrassing or hurtful […]

  • Rivers Cried

    I saw a meme last week that stated if duels came back, a lot less people would be offended.  I am sure people have been offended by all kinds of things for a long, long time.  The big difference is that people now think that them being offended matters to everyone else.  It doesn’t.  For […]

  • Reflections

    Any parent how has a child with any type of disability, I understand.  It as taken me almost 12 years to step back realize some things. Nothing helps with the reflection process more than feeling like shit, laying on the count, and on several cold medicines that probably should not be taken together while watching […]