Month: November 2017

  • Who the Hell Cares?

    Apparently, we have solved all of the worlds problems already.  All of the world’s hungry have been fed, cancer has been cured, climate change has been adverted, and everyone has jobs.  At least, I am assuming that because the Press Secretary for the White House might have made a pie, and it is somehow big […]

  • We Are Lost

    I have never seen the human species so lost.  It is one thing to evolve, to shed hatred and racism as part of us growing as an evolved species.  It is quite another to see hatred in people that does not exist or to push hatred towards others.  Bad shit has happened since the beginning […]

  • New Meanings?

    I haven’t watched SNL in over a decade.  I love to laugh, but that show hasn’t made me laugh in a very long time.  A friend showed me a skit the other day.  It was very funny, but for a odd reason.  It brought up multiple conversations about this topic.  Back when we were kids, […]