Admitting to One’s Self

It is easy for me to admit to myself when I do a good job.  I’ll try to play it off as a humble man, downplaying the significance or quality, but secretly, I will admit to myself it is good.  I will even admit to myself and others when I have done poorly or royally hosed it up.  Those are tasks, accomplishments, and items that require some type of physical input.  The same cannot be said for thoughts, feelings, and emotional state.  Knowing the truth, admitting the truth, and accepting the truth are all very different things.  I might know something to be true, but I refuse to admit it.  Or better yet, I’ll know the truth and admit it to myself, but I refuse to accept it or admit it to others.  It really causes havoc when knowing, admitting, and accepting the truth can cause as much negativity as just keeping it all inside.  What the hell do I do then?  If you figure that out, let me know.

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