All Judgy

I was accused of being “all judgy” yesterday.  Without going into the details, I can understand why; however, there is a saying about only have one chance to make first impressions.  When you find out something that just breaks that first impression so violently, it is difficult not to be shocked.  In my case, it wasn’t a bad shock, to be honest.  To be even more honest, it was a “Wow, I’m impressed” shock.

Why are our first impressions sometimes way off?  When we meet someone, we use all of the data from all of our other meetings of people to form a very quick, rough opinion of what that person is: a first impression.  Different generations have different experiences.  We put people in a mold based on the molds we’ve formed over the years when dealing with others.  Some people do not fit a previous mold, and it is shocking when we learn that.  It’s like finding out your priest was an atheist or that sweet, innocent old lady having tea has a tattoo of a cock that goes all the way up her leg.

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