An Education

There needs to be an accredited school (college) out there where someone can get their degree without all of the bullshit.  In my career, I am not going to need calculus.  I do not need to be able to write research papers.  I most certainly will not need to know the history of religion.  Why am I required to take classes like that?  That sounds like an eighteen-year-old kid, but I am quickly approaching thirty-five.  Unlike an eighteen year old, I know what I am doing in life.  I have never used calculus.  I have never used research writing.  The only time I have ever used a history of religion is during those type of arguments which I avoid like the plague.

Colleges act like they are doing me a favor by requiring those types of courses.  I am the one paying them money for a piece of paper.  It is like hiring a bad contractor and that person getting upset when the room you paid them to build falls over.  The “I built you a great looking room, and you’re upset it fell over?” argument is just as much bullshit as requiring worthless classes.  The history of religion is not required for software programmers.  Screw that “well rounded” crap.  I do not want to be more well rounded.  I like the narrow-minded, successful career person I already am.

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