Are Vacations Worth It?

Sometimes I wonder if vacations are truly worth the effort and time.  There is nothing like pausing your life to have some fun.  I enjoy not thinking about every day life for a week.  Then when I get back, I am cursing the very vacation I was praising.  For example, I have over 500 emails at work that have not been looked at, and I have another week to go for this vacation.  We just got back from a week at Disney and the A/C compressor is hosed for the house.  After driving 16 hours straight (THANK YOU TRAFFIC!!!!), I have a fun day of taking apart the A/C compressor unit and trying to figure out what is wrong with it before paying someone $60 an hour to do it, mow grass, buy a bunch of groceries, do a couple suitcases full of laundry, and finishing unpacking and cleaning the car so that I can use this week of work vacation to actually work around the house to get everything back to livable conditions from the week away from the house.  Wow!  What a sentence!  At least the animals are still alive (thanks to the parents) and no one stole the Camaro.

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