You ever have the feeling that you just can’t take one more added stress?  I am about to that point.  Even the small things, while they don’t seem to bother me, I know cause unseen stress.  I am so far behind on work around the house and at work, I’ll never catch up without spending a ton of money I do not have.  Then, the small things, just make me curse.  My youngest’s 3DS  XL hinge snapped.  I took the 3DS apart and epoxied the hinge.  Good as new, right?  I was putting it back together when the “B” button slipped out of my hand, bounced off a few things, and landed in the register, falling to the bottom shaft in the basement.  Now, I can either spend $5 on a button pack, or go in the basement and take part the ducts, cutting myself to pieces, to retrieve the button.  Nevermind… all that work is not worth $5.

That disaster is fixed with $5.  Not everything else is so easy.  More on that tomorrow.

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