Arm Chair Quarterbacks

I hate when people get mad at a quarterback or coach for doing what they do.  Those jobs are not easy.  There is a lot of pressure and stress.  Study after study shows decision making typically suffers during stressful situations.  What seems like an obvious call from our chairs probably looks very differently on the field.  For us, we can look at the score and tell how many timeouts a team has.  We do not have to read defenses or change plays on the fly.

This same type of thing happens when school is cancelled for no reason we can decipher.  Maybe the superintendent knows something we do not.  Today, school is cancelled, and I cannot figure out why.  We were supposed to get a bunch of snow and ice.  We got some rain, and that was it.  Temperatures are not supposed to fall below freezing until after school would let out.  The roads look clear.  No other school cancelled.  I do not know.  I will not be an arm chair quarterback and get mad thinking I know better because I do not.

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