Ash Wednesday

This might upset a bunch of people, but I hate Ash Wednesday.  I do not necessarily hate the date or what it means regardless of the fact that many Christians do not observe that date.  What I hate is the prideful boasts that people have when they have that ash cross on their foreheads.  It’s a “Look at me!  I’m a good Christian” type of thing that I just cannot stand.  I hate the “in your face” religions.  That day, and everyone saying what they are giving up for Lent, reminds me of the Bible story of the Publican and the Pharisee.  Those people act a lot like the Pharisee.  “Look how good of a Christian I am!”  I am an Orthodox Christian – not a very good one I have to admit.  It is my opinion that actions, fasting, prayer, and other aspects of practicing your religion should be done in a quiet, respectful manner and is private.  Fasting should not be boasted about on Twitter or Facebook.  I do not care if you have ash on your forehead, but do not start talking to me about what you are doing for Lent.  It pisses me off, and frankly, I do not care.

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