Better Than Perceived

I just got back from attending Microsoft TechEd in Houston, Texas.  That is why there were no posts for a week.  It was a great experience with a lot learned.  Much has changed since my first TechEd in 2007.

The trip down was a little crazy.  My flight was cancelled to Atlanta because of a flat tire and bad brakes.  I would have just gone to Tractor Supply and got some Green Slime and some large tractor brakes, but I understand most people are not like me.  After several calls to the Delta customer service (not the fault of Delta), I finally had a route to Houston (although different airport than originally planned).  My bags didn’t show up to the right airport or on time either.  Again, I didn’t expect my bags to get on the right plane 20 minutes before take off with the flight changed.  I was very nervous due to the unknown, but when all was said and done, my bags were delivered to my hotel room at 11:00PM, and I got to fly first class from Minneapolis to Houston.  I cannot complain, and Delta did everything they could to get me to Houston on time.  They even had be booked on another carrier, but it turns out that carrier were pricks and wouldn’t let me on even though I was confirmed.  While it sucked at the time, it was not a bad experience overall.  I cannot complain about the Delta service or sitting in first class.

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