Building People Up

I do not get why people are so bent on tearing people down.  We all have enough to worry about.  We do not need to worry about making other people feel as shitty as we do.  No one knows someone else’s full story.  We all keep our secrets, something that is so embarrassing or hurtful that we would rather not relive it.  We all have pain that we have suppressed.  There are certain people that can easily exploit that.  We all have that one person that can rip our heart from our chest while it is still beating.

It is easy to become selfish.  It is easy to only want to do things that make us happy and to hell with everyone else.  We get that way because of the way people tear us down.  I might give into blissful ignorance, but I believe in building people up.  I want someone’s life to be better because of me, not worse.  Since we do not know someone else’s full story, one smile, one nice gesture, or one deserving, but unprovoked, compliment might just turn it around for a person on the brink of giving up.

If I care about you, you will definitely know it.  There will be nothing I will not do for you.  If you are a friend, I will go out of my way to help.  If I do not know you, I will treat you with the respect everyone deserves.  Even if I cannot stand the sight of you because you have wronged me so badly it has caused one of those hurtful moments I would rather not relive, I will still be civil.  It is too easy to tear people down.  It is much harder to help build someone up to help them repair the foundation that so many would rather erode away and destroy.  My parents said I always did things the hard way.  In this case, it is also the right way.

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