Bunch of Pussies

What is wrong with people these days?  Everyone is so scared they are going to offend people because they believe a certain way.  To make it worse, people are offended by everything.  “I am offended you believe in God.”  “I am offended you don’t believe in God.”  WHAT?!  Why are you even offended someone else believes a certain way?  Who the fuck cares?!

Now, let me make a clarification.  It is one thing to have an opinion and express it.  It is far different to bully and force your opinion on people.  People who bully others or who try to force their opinions on other people should be dragged through the streets by a log chain tied to the back of a bumper.  There is no place for assholes like that.

If you were offended by the last comment, it is my opinion, and quit being a pussy!  You can agree or disagree.  I really do not care.  You are allowed to have your opinion too.  Will I be offended by it?  Nope.  Sometimes, I might take it a little personally, but I know that it is not about me.  Your differing opinion has nothing to do with me at all.  I have been made fun of for being American by some European friends.  Am I offended?  No!  I just make fun of them a little by speaking American and telling them how it really is.  WWII, bitch!  ‘Merica!

Look, we are all different.  We have different nationalities, races, genders, religions, heights, weights, complexions, hair styles, facial structures, and a thousand other characteristics and features that define us.  We should be able to take criticism, both real and made in fun, without becoming too offensive or offended.  Sometimes there is a fine line between playful jabbing and bullying.  Don’t be an asshole, and don’t be a pussy.

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