Colder Than Hell

I am so done with winter, but there is not much I can do about it.  It snowed yesterday, and it was -4 (no, not Celsius) this morning.  The tractor did not want to start.  After a minute or so on the battery charger, it barely started.  The hydraulic fluid was like gel for about twenty minutes until it warmed up.  The Polaris Ranger and leaf blower did not want to start either.  The cold beats things up pretty badly.  The only thing that started right up today was the grill.  I do not care what the temperature is, if I want to grill, I’m grillin’.  It was 5 degrees when I grilled those two steaks, but I was a happy camper.  There is something about washing cow blood off with snow when it is 5 degrees that makes me feel primal.  It was well worth the numb hands.

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