Conflict Happens

Some people thrive on conflict.  I do not; however, I do not run away from it either.  I know people who, when conflict is inevitable, hide and want nothing to do with resolving it.  Not dealing with it is resolution for them.  I will aggressively go after a resolution.  There is nothing wrong with two or three people going into a room and yelling at each other for a day or so.  I have resolved many conflicts in that manner.  The people in that room do not hate each other.  It is only a matter of airing the laundry and getting to know where everyone stands.  I will yell at you and be yelled at by you for eights hours.  Then, I’ll go drink a beer with you.  Too many people (and governments) are so sure they are right and are arrogant enough to think they do not need to listen.  Let go, yell at each other for a few hours, and go have a beer.

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