Damn, That Sucked!

This flu going around kicked my ass something fierce.  That was after it about ripped my ass with boiling hot dog water.  Yes, that is a nasty picture, but it was no way less nasty with the experience.  *knock on wood*  I have not puked in fourteen years.  I barely kept the streak going with this flu.  I do not know why I hate puking so much, but I hate it.  I despise it.  I will do everything in my power not to puke.  Jesus Christ himself could come down and tell me all I had to do was puke once to get into Heaven, and I would still have a hard time doing it.  A couple of days later, and I am starting to feel like myself again.

On a side note, if you want to lose five pounds a day, get the flu.  Depending on your weight and health status, you might avoid the hospital for a couple of days.  Hey, I did not say it was a good way to lose weight.

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