Why are people so willing to be defenseless?  I always take the approach of being aware of my surroundings.  I watch the way people move.  I look for actions or looks that are out of the ordinary for typical life.  I also (almost always) carry a weapon of some sort on me.  It could be a .380 pistol, a knife, and/or, a Leatherman.  I do not go looking for trouble, but neither do the people who are killed in home invasions or people robbed and shot on the side of the road.

It seems that many people expect the police or the government to make sure they are safe instead of taking their own wellbeing in their own hands.  When it takes the policy twenty minutes to get to you, assuming someone has called them, that is a lot of time to be stabbed, raped, and/or shot.  Even if the government outlawed everything that could kill a person (guns, knives, bats, cars, concrete, sticks, trees, goats, dogs, etc), that still does not prevent someone from beating you with their fists.

People who do not take steps to protect themselves because they think someone else will are naïve and idiots.  The idea is not to strike first or think you’re invincible.  The idea is to be prepared for anything that might happen to increase your chances of survival.

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