I often wonder how people can be so delusional.  I understand if there is some form of mental illness, but there are a lot of delusional people out there.  There are people who swear disaster will never strike them.  There are people who think a weapons-free America would mean no crime.  I have to think people are delusional.  The only alternative is complete stupidity.  If that many people are that stupid, we’re all screwed.  Our gene pool will turn into a cesspool, and we’ll be lucky to be able to tie our own shoes in three generations.  Why are people so delusional though?  Do people find it difficult that not everyone thinks like them?  Do people not understand that there is a wide scale or morality that goes to the extremes from pious old nun to evil crime lords and everywhere in between?  Am I delusional for thinking I’m not delusional?

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