Different Strokes…

There is a saying, “Different strokes for different folks.”  I never really liked that saying.  I mean, it does a good enough job saying that different people like different things, but it seems like a failed rhyming attempt to me.  Then again, I am picky about my sayings.  I like the more edgy, different sayings compared to the tried and true.  For example, when people try to lift someone else’s spirits by saying things could be worse with sayings like, “Any day above ground is a good day” or “better than a heart attack,” I tend to use sayings like, “better than getting fucked by a donkey” or “better than getting a cactus shoved in your ass.”  Now, I have never personally been fucked by a donkey or had a cactus shoved up my ass.  Then again, I have never had a heart attack or been buried.  Of course, there is always the audience to consider.  When dealing with toddlers and clergy, it’s better for me just to keep my mouth shut.

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