Does Not Really Exist

It is amazing how much we care about things that do not exist.  I define something that is “real” as something that is tangible.  I want to be able to touch it, hold it in my hand, look at it.  I can’t hold the internet in my hand.  I can’t touch social media (that sounds dirty).  In reality, those things really exist, but if they went away tomorrow, we would still survive.  The same thing cannot be said for the sun or the moon.  A lot of people have jobs in creating things that do not matter.  Companies implement technologies that will be obsolete and replaced in three years.  There is nothing less satisfying than knowing the work you’re doing won’t matter in a couple of years.  It might as well not existed.  On the other hand, money is money, and if people want to pay other people to put in temporary solutions, who am I to argue?

One response to “Does Not Really Exist”

  1. People waste their money on dumb shit – iTunes, streaming subscriptions, DVD’s, video games. None of it is real and none of it is worth anything after it is purchased. Buy a gun or real estate, those things are a tangible investment that will always be worth something. These younger generations are worthless, they are spending their cash on video games and war craft coins, I bought a Remington 12 guage when I was 18 with my first couple of pay checks (I still have that gun and it’s still worth what I paid for it) how much is your fn Nintendo bs worth now.

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