Driving in Snow

So, there are certain rules one should follow when driving in snow.  The main rule is to never to do anything quickly: brake, accelerate, and turn.  There are obvious rules too like don’t drive to fast.  That 70MPH speed limit doesn’t mean a thing when there is three inches of snow over the roads.  I drove across the state to help my sister move.  The roads were horrible.  Top speed on the way to her house was 45MPH.  There were literally 50 accidents.  I do not know if these were caused by inexperience, stupidity, or both.  It was mas chaos, but from what I saw (which wasn’t very much as I was driving), it does not look like anyone was hurt other than their cars and pride.  Everyone needs a little adventure every so often.  Just make sure you are smart and safe when you go on yours.

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