Equal Rights

In this country, we are all born with equal rights.  It does not matter who you parents are or what they do.  After birth, all of the decisions we make in life effect how our life ends up.  Our parents’ decisions only effect how our life ends up to a certain point.  If we kill 10 million people, does that mean that we should not be tried and executed because we have the right to life even though we revoked that right for so many?  We can take this a step further.  If our ancestors killed 10 million people, does that mean that we deserve to pay for their sins?  We are not Klingons.  The mistakes of our ancestors should not provide dishonor to our family for several generations.

Some people will say that me, as an American should be ashamed for the way my ancestors owned slaves in this country.  Guess what, fuckers?  My family was still in Europe when slavery was going on in America, so you can take that argument and fuck yourself in the ass with it.  Do you kill a child, nephew, or granddaughter of Hitler just because their relative killed millions of people?  Do you wipe out the lineage of Stalin (who killed way more people than Hitler) because he ended the bloodline of millions?  Should all Catholics be eliminated because they killed a lot of people during the Crusades and Inquisitions?  No!  That’s just stupid!

Instead of blaming history for how your life ended up, look at the decisions you have made.  We are not in the Middle East or parts of Asia where people do not have equal rights.  We are not in parts of the world where millions of people are still owned as slaves.  Jesus said, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”  I see a lot of stones already in the air, and I sure as hell know that we all have our own sins.  Quit being upset by injustices done hundreds of years ago and be pissed at the injustices being done today.  If we erase our history, we are doomed to repeat it, good and bad.

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