Everyone Has a Vice

Everyone has a vice whether they admit to it or not.  Those who say they do not have a vice, either haven’t found it yet (youth and inexperience) or refuse to acknowledge it (denial).  There are several typical vices: drinking, drugs, gambling, eating, and sex.  There are many others.  Some cannot get enough of Camaros and will do anything to drive or buy one.  Me?  I have a few.  I love coffee.  I would drink it all the time if it wouldn’t kill me.  Unfortunately, if I drink too much caffeine (more than a cup), my heart does not like me and starts doing weird things.  If I stop drinking coffee, I go through withdrawals.  I try to limit it to one cup a day, but I’m not always successful.  I drink a glass of red wine pretty much every night.  It isn’t for a buzz or a similar type feeling.  I drink the wine so my heart doesn’t skip beats and shuts down when I drink my coffee.  That sounds odd, I know, but I have never claimed to be normal.

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