F*** That Hurt!

Within the last week or two, a decent sized tree came down on the electric fence.  The fence is off with nothing being in that area.  I cut up the tree, inspected the fence, and found that only two wires came undone.  I re-crimped those wires and began to ratchet the high-tensile wire tight.  First wire went great.  Second wire start started going over the ratchet.  I had to guide the wire a bit with my hand as I tightened it.  Then,  it happened.  My finger got pinched in the ratchet and was getting the meat of my finger crushed to a flat pancake.  The tool slipped from my hand, and I spent the new few painful seconds with my hand stuck to this ratchet trying to get the tool back on.  Finally, after a dozen seconds or so, I was free.  I finished tightening up the remaining three strands before my finger really started to hurt.  I was wearing gloves, or there would be a massive chunk missing from my finger.  Luckily, it’s only swollen with a minor tear.  It hurt a lot, and the black and purple has faded to a slight pink.  At least I can still bend it and it is functional.  That hurt though.

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