Gender Differences

Are men and women equal?  No.  Are all men equal?  Nope.  Are all women equal?  Again, no.  Is that bad?  Not at all.  We all deserve equal rights, or at least an equal chance to live our lives.  The choices we make in life help decide how much of that freedom we keep.  Anyone who has been convicted of a crime knows that freedom can be precious, but freedom and an equal chance at life does not mean we are all equal.

Everything from physical traits to psychological and mental abilities proves we are not all equal.  We are not all six feet tall and weigh 150 pounds with blonde hair and blue eyes.  Men are usually better at certain things that women.  Women are a helluva lot better at giving birth than any man alive.  Men shouldn’t complain about that.  Men are typically faster and stronger, but that does not always hold true.  That’s why the word “typically” is in that sentence.  When the primary goal of a male has been to hunt and protect his family for tens of thousands of years, you cannot erase that gap over night.  Some might see that as a bad thing, but the entire evolution of the human species has brought us to where we are today.  Some women might like a sissy-man who cries every night at the injustice of something.  Most women I know (and yes, have talked to) do not want that.  They like the strong, stable rock we men can/should be.

My point is that we should not ignore the fact we are not all equal, but we should not persecute each other for it either.  Society has some fallacy that everyone deserves a trophy.  In real life, trophies are not handed out; they are earned.  The NFL does not give every team Super Bowl rings.  I can’t go play in the NFL.  I do not complain (except when my team blows yet they still make 40x more than I do).  No matter how hard I work, I will never be on an NFL team.  Those guys are a lot better at that than me.  I accept it, and move on–knowing that I am not equal in those areas.

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