Generation Gaps

There is definitely a massive difference between generations and priorities.  The older generations were loyal to the companies that provided their family with enough money to put a roof over their heads and food on their table.  The older generation was loyal to a fault.  They put forth a ton of work, and employers took advantage of it.  Employers, however, were also much more kind to their employees (as a whole) than employers of today.

This new generation has no loyalty.  They don’t give two fucks.  All they care about (generalizing here) is how the company benefits them.  If the company cannot accommodate their work schedule, their emotional needs, and/or anything that they want, they leave.  How can someone expect companies and society to care about the wellbeing of the whole human population if the same people only care about themselves?

My generation is in the middle of these extremes.  We are loyal to companies to a point.  We will tolerate some inconveniences to get the job done, but we will not be stepped all over.  My generation was the start of the worthlessness of generations, and it only got worse form us.  My generation is now raising children.  Some of us already have grandchildren. 

I just hope the future generations learn from the mistakes of the past.  I hope they see how hard the old generation worked and what they endured.  I hope they see that a “me” perspective does not work as well as we all want it to.  It will get much worse before it gets better.  I just hope the human population can survive the dumbassedness long enough to turn it around.

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