Good Help…?

Why is it so hard to find good help?  Seriously!  I’m willing to pay more than a fair wage, but most people who apply, do not want to really work.  They just want paid for doing nothing.  If I am paying top dollar, I expect a high caliber worker.  Don’t call me the morning of and say you have to meet your guidance counselor.  Don’t ask me the day before whether or not it is “OK” if you take your week’s vacation to Disney World tomorrow.  NO!  It’s not OK!  Who the hell in their right minds thinks that is OK?  That’s just as wrong as cancelling your kid’s birthday party the day before just because you have a nail appointment that can’t be moved.  Everyone’s already bought the gifts, the cake is already made, and the kid is expecting to receive what was promised.  Plan things out people!  I don’t mind if you take your week’s vacation, but I expect to know about it more than a day in advance.

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