Grammar Idiots

I cannot understand how educated people can be so incredibly stupid when it comes to  grammar.  I admit that I am no grammar king, and I look up a lot of the rules, especially when writing.  What I cannot understand is how people function in this world of texting and emailing.  I know way too many people who end about every sentence with a question mark.  Is it a statement or a question?!  It is formatted like a statement, but it has a question mark at the end.  I know people who put commas in the most idiotic places in a sentence.  I know even more people who leave out entire words or phrases from a sentence.  When not following proper grammar, do people not realize how difficult it is to comprehend and translate what is said?  I am not an advocate of using big words just to use big words, but holy shit people, at least make an attempt to put forth an easily understandable sentence when your primary form of communication is email, texting, and instant messaging!  I respect you by putting forth some effort in my writing.  Please have the same respect, and do the same.

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