Hard Work

Nothing makes me feel better (and more pain) than hard work.  I am not talking about working hard at writing a books, burning code, or any other activity that has me sitting on my ass.  I am talking about lifting wet 2x10x20 headers in place, holding them with one arm while they are screwed in with the other type of hard work.  The last three days were filled with hard work.  Friday was easier for me as I paid a couple of guys to do the difficult planning work.  Saturday, I helped them by climbing on trusses fifteen feet in the air to nail down the 2×4 supports.  Sunday was the wife and I (until I yelled at her) sinking in another three posts, putting up the header, and installing the roof on the barn extension.  That is the type of work that makes me feel like I am not worthless.  It is also the type of work that makes me incredibly sore.  I cannot complain.  I enjoyed most of it.

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