I fucking hate hypocrites.  The strong language reflects just how much I hate them.  I respect someone who stands by their beliefs, even if they are wrong.  If you fully support LBGT rights, that is fine.  That is your right.  If you are against it, again, that is fine.  That is also your right.  What I absolutely cannot stand is someone who believes everyone has a right to voice their opinions, but lashes out at people who’s opinions are not their own.  My opinion on this subject does not matter, and I do not hold anything against anyone who voices their opinion (respectfully) and allows everyone else to do the same.  The rest of the population who feels they’re opinion is the only one that matters and persecutes people with the opposite thought needs throat-punched so they shut the fuck up.  It is difficult to persecute people when you’re on the ground grasping for air.

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