I Do Not Care About Your Opinions…

I really do not care about your opinions.  That does not mean I do not respect your input or the fact you have an opinion.  In fact, I am grateful you can think for yourself, assuming that is what you are doing.  What I do not want is to hear your opinions in an endless diatribe of how your opinions are “better” than mine.  I like thinking for myself and coming to my own conclusions.  I do not mind lively debates at times, but you should know that nothing you will say can really change my views.  After all, I came to my opinions after self reflection and thought.  I do not push my opinions on you.  I would expect the same in kind.

2 responses to “I Do Not Care About Your Opinions…”

  1. In my 32 years I have found that an older experienced person’s opinions are usually better than mine. Knowing your opinion and actions are stupid and doing nothing to change them is the greatest form of ignorance. Not being able to change is also a weakness

    • Opinions are opinions and nothing more. No opinion is better than another’s. That is my point. Everyone has the right to think what they want. They do not have the right to push their beliefs and opinions on others as a superior point of view. There is right, wrong, and a vast area in between. There is value in the entire spectrum. Someone might be more right, but that does not mean their opinion is better.

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