I Don’t Get It

I saw on MSN.com that the GoDaddy Super Bowl add was yanked after animal rights groups complained.  Curious, I clicked to watch the add.  I expected animal abuse or something controversial.  GoDaddy Super Bowl ads are known to be more skin baring than animal cruelty, so I was shocked when none of that happened.  What could possibly have upset animal rights groups?  I saw no abuse.  I saw no animal cruelty.  A cute puppy gets sold.  So what?  The puppy wasn’t lit on fire or shot.  I honestly do not get what all the fuss is about.  The problem with groups like that is they complain about everything.  Have an outside dog, and you’re an evil uncaring person because it is cold outside.  If you have an inside dog, you are evil for imprisoning an animal.  Don’t own a dog?  You should be dragged through the streets by your ankles for not saving an animal at the shelter.  Own a dog?  You are nothing more than an animal slave owner!  Holy shit people!  Focus your anger and attention to people who actually abuse the animals.  Do not try to make me feel like a piece of shit for owning a dog or a cat or some cattle and respectfully treat them with care.

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