I’m Struggling Today…

Lazy people should be tied together and thrown in a volcano.  They are a blight on society and pretty much worthless.  Is that an extreme view that should never be followed?  Probably, but that does not make lazy people any less worthless.  For the record, people should not throw other people into volcanoes.  What really throws me for a loop is most lazy people work harder avoiding work than they would actually doing the work.  For me, it is not about wanting to do work.  It is all about the time it takes.  If I can get the task done faster and easier than making excuses and coming up with elaborate plans for someone else to do my work, I’ll just do the work.  That’s what makes me want to throw lazy people in a volcano.  Lazy people aren’t really lazy; they’re just arrogant bastards who don’t want to do work everyone else does without complaining.  #LMB lazy people!

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