Impulse Decisions

There are many people who make many impulse decisions: tattoos, cars, quitting their jobs, etc.  There are others who refuse to make decisions.  They will ride the fence as long as they can, perhaps, fearful of offending someone or making the wrong decision.  I know a few who will flowchart their decision process and analyze it in every possible way before choosing what to do.  There are those who will not make the decision first and wait for others to do something before they commit.

Which is better?  That depends on the person and decision.  I envy the impulse decision people at times.  They are fearless (sometimes ignorantly so) with what they do.  The analytical people probably make the best decisions, but their lives are not as fun as they should be.  At least they make decisions, unlike the fence riders.  Perhaps, we need to use all those methods for decision making.  Make some impulse decisions on a couple of things while analyzing the very important ones.

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