In Line For LASIK

I went for my “pre-op” for my LASIK surgery yesterday.  After watching the procedure done on my wife, I almost backed down.  The eyes are about the only thing I am squeamish about, but I am not going to puss out.  The dentist has to be 100 times worse.  That, I do a shot of Cinnamon Fireball before I go.  This, they will give me valium, and I won’t be able to feel or really see what I going on.  If I can sit through the pain of a 2.5 hour tattoo, I can sit through this.  I hate wearing glasses that much, and contacts seem like a bigger pain than glasses.  Piss on that.  I’ll pay the money, get a little loopy, and deal with any discomfort.  I am not crazy about the weeks of eye drops later, but I am not crazy about work, and I have been doing that for 17 years.

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