It Will Happen

I’ve watched TV shows like Gold Rush and similar shows and have seen excavator and equipment breakdowns that seem to happen all the time.  I asked myself if they used crap equipment or just had bad luck.  I have a mini-excavator with roughly 65 hours on it, and I had yet to run into any problems.  I just finished using it to help cut down some trees, when I decided to drive it behind the big garage to push some branches out of the way.  Almost through, and boom!  Hydraulic fluid sprayed everywhere and the blade dropped like a paralyzed arm.  I somehow sheared a hydraulic line in half.  Those guys on Gold Rush run their equipment all day, every day.  I’ve only put 65 hours on this in two years.  It was bound to happen.  It was just a matter of when.  Unlike those guys digging up gold, I can just go down to Tractor Supply or the local Bobcat dealer and buy a new hose and some fluid.

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