Love the Smell of Coal

I am really not looking forward to winter this year.  I do not feel like I got enough of summer.  There is a lot of work that needs done when it gets cold, and doing most of that work just gets harder.  When it snows, I have to blade the driveway and start by 6:00AM if I want to get it done in time.  Loading the wood burner twice a day can get annoying, but I do enjoy it a little.  Call me weird, but I do love the smell of coal burning in the wood burner.  The winter marathon begins tomorrow with the building of a 40×20 foot leanto and finishing the barn expansion.  I will be glad when that is done.  Once the weather turns, the basement will get finished.  At least I can always go outside and smell the aroma of wood and coal when I feel stressed.

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