Yesterday, I discussed how people try to put others in molds based on experience and first impressions.  Everyone is guilty of that, including myself.  I do not like it though.  I have always been one who likes to shatter molds.  I do not like being held to what a stereotype says I should be.  Stereotypes are based in truth, although (usually) an exaggerated one.  According to the stereotype, being an IT guy means I wear a horrible button up shirt with a tie, sitting in a basement cube pining for my red stapler.  I am far from that.  I have had a Mohawk for the last three years just to break a mold.  Granted, now I’m cast into another mold that, apparently, I’m going to be a dick and stab people in the face.  I might actually be a dick, and while I cannot say I definitely wouldn’t stab someone in the face, it would have to be extreme circumstances in order for me to do so (ex: someone trying to attack my family).

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