More Violence

I try not to get too political because that is a conversation that never goes well.  People always end up defending their stance rather than actually trying to increase their knowledge and see how other people think.  I read Rick Perry’s comments about it making a lot of sense to carry firearms in theaters.   Hmmm…. Since the Colorado theater shooting, who the hell doesn’t care a firearm into a theater?  Granted, that question is geared towards those who are legally allowed to carry concealed firearms.

I am not telling people they should break the laws.  If I do not see a “not allowed to carry a gun in here” sign, my firearm is with me.  If I see one, the gun gets locked in the car, and I am just like all the other sheeple who are defenseless against the criminals who do not give a shit about what a sign might say.

In the end, my safety is my responsibility.  It is not up to the government to keep me safe, because it cannot.  We could have 1984’s thought police, and there will still be criminals and people who might do me harm.  I take a calculated risk going to the movies.  I take a calculated risk driving to work every day.  The government cannot protect me from a texting 16-year-old kid running a stop sign.  The government cannot protect me from speeding in a rear-wheeled drive sports car on a slick country road.  And apparently, the government cannot protect me from a man with mental issues shooting up a movie theater even though the laws already on the books should have prevented his purchase of that firearm.  If existing laws meant to protect us do not, why do some people think new laws will?

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