Not a Sissy-ass…

I think it is difficult for most people to not be a sissy-ass.  I’m not talking about the weakling, can’t defend him/herself type sissy-ass.  I’m talking about the general term that defines us as fearful people in which such fear makes it difficult to act.  We all have a fear of some sort that makes it difficult for us to act.  It could be the fear or talking to people that prevents us from finding our soul mate.  It could be the fear of taking chances that prevents us from filling that void in our life.  Maybe it is the fear of financial ruin that prevents us from starting a business and making million.  Granted, fear is healthy.  Fear helps prevent us from making irrational decisions that will hurt us.  There is a balance of fear that must be overcome while keeping us grounded.  Don’t be a sissy-ass, but more importantly, don’t be a dumbass.

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