Not All Teas Are Created Equal

Just typing that title makes me want to punch myself in the face, but before I do, I’ll explain.  I usually have trouble sleeping.  I always have.  I like coffee, but the caffeine combined with the stress of my job and life causes my heart to do funky things.  A glass of wine allows me to drink my coffee and not die.  I would love to drink a glass of wine every night and pop a melatonin, but that probably isn’t advisable every night.  I have a relaxing tea with chamomile and peppermint.  I have to make it the old fashion way.  I got something similar that can pop into the Keurig.  As I was making it, some brown liquid that looked like something that poured out of my ass the last time I had the flu.  Yeah.  It pretty much tasted like it too.

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