People Are Insane

The second definition of insanity is “extreme foolishness or irrationality.”  I could ask, “What the fuck is wrong with people?” but that is a never-ending answer.  There is so much shit that happens today that it blows the mind.  Honestly, that much shit has happened since forever, but we didn’t have social media to blow it up everywhere.  People go to extremes.  People scream for social justice when they are just as bad, if not worse, than the people they are screaming against.

For example, I read that a three-star general got demoted for calling a staffer “sweetheart.”  Sweetheart!  Holy fuckcicles!  Do you know how many times strangers, mostly women, have called me baby, sweetheart, honey, or some other form of endearment even though I have never met them or barely know them?  Do I get all offended and pissed off?  No!  Some people just talk like that and call everyone that.  It would have been better for that general to call that staffer a “psycho bitch” or “thunder cunt.”  He probably wouldn’t have been disciplined as severely for it.  People get so offended by the littlest of things.  I have had people get offended for me just saying “hi” to them.  Seriously!

I also read that someone is accusing Michael Douglas of sexual misconduct 30 years ago.  30 fucking years!  Seriously?  When some form of sexual misconduct happens, people talk.  If you are a victim, you tell someone because it would kill you if you didn’t.  I know several people who have been raped, and they talked regardless of whether charges were filed.  Shit, some psycho ex-girlfriend told someone I raped her (didn’t happen), and about 50 people heard about it within days, and I didn’t do it, and I’m a nobody!  How the donkey-fucking hell can someone with the stature or Michael Douglas or Sylvester Stallone do something like that and there not be at least rumors.  Family guy made a joke back in 2005 about a naked Stewie (baby) escaping from Kevin Spacey’s basement.  There were rumors about him for at least 12 years before shit hit the fan with him.

On a business trip, I had a boss try to lick my face in a cab in Vegas.  People know about it.  I’m not going around saying MeToo.  Could I?  Sure.  Will I?  Nope.  It’s not that I think the “movement” isn’t a valid one.  No one should be sexually assaulted, but if you don’t say anything for 30 fucking years and no one else has even heard about it, all signs point to it wasn’t a sexual assault.  Logic dictates that if it is an assault, a crime, you tell people.  Whether you tell the police isn’t the point.  I know many people that did not go to the police, but they still told people.  People still know what happened.  You cannot go up to a hotel with a famous person, drink some expensive booze, fuck them, then leave their room, and 30 years later, say it was sexual misconduct.  You knew what you were doing.  You knew what was going to happen, and you willingly went up there.

When an intimate violation of the body or mind happens, human nature is to try and find closure, find answers.  We talk to the closest of friends and/or family.  There will always be exceptions to this, and nothing is ever absolute.  The Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein cases are probably true, or at least have some truth to them, but there have been rumors about those two for a long time.  Some of these cases, however, hold little merit.  We tout “innocent until proven guilty,” but people’s careers have been ruined by mere accusations.  Social media has made it so we are guilty even when proven innocent.  People read something on the internet and take it as a gospel from God (who they don’t believe in because there is no proof).  That sentence right there sums up how fucked up our society has become.

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  1. ” If you are a victim, you tell someone because it would kill you if you didn’t. I know several people who have been raped, and they talked regardless of whether charges were filed.”

    Yes there are exceptions to this. In my case, I was only 15 years old and lost my virginity unwillingly. Because my neighbor/acquaintance was 19 years old, I knew if anyone found out he could be arrested for statutory rape. I was under age, and forget about the forced nature of it. In fear of getting myself or him in trouble (he lived next door) I kept my mouth shut for 5 years before telling anyone. I think the metoo movement went to an extreme it shouldn’t have. But i’m also glad that some of these people (women AND men) who were exploited by producers and directors.. i’m glad it was exposed.

    I personally would have tried to keep my information anonymous. It can appear like a pathetic way to gain sympathy or attention over something if you insist your name is published… Genuine, real victims find it mortifying; real victims are ashamed of what they’ve been through, and some blame themselves.

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