Pull Your Fair Weight

I have heard many times in the past eight years about “their fair share.”  Fair share of what?  It was used by Democrats during the last couple of presidential elections.  It is an honest and fair mindset.  Why are people getting screwed and not getting their fair share of the American dream?  Why do the rich keep so much money?  That mindset and preaching preys on the weak-minded people who are down on their luck or just plain lazy.  Why do rich people keep so much money?  Because they usually do not just buy dumb shit.  They might make a lot of money, but they do not spend most of it.  There are the rich people who just waste it on stupid shit like insanely expensive cars and such, but the hard-working rich are lumped into the same group as the ultra-rich assholes that would light babies on fire for an extra “hundo.”

The real question should be, what about pulling their fair weight?  People assume that someone who works really hard and makes a lot of money has an obligation to just give money to lazy people who would rather sit on the couch and watch TV instead of working.  If I could have been paid to watch TV, I would have made a killing as a kid.  There is a simple fact here: you get out what you put in.  If you put in a bunch of time on something that does not matter, you will not get anything back that matters.  If you put time and energy into something that is worthwhile, you will get something worthwhile out of it.

If you have spent the last fifteen years working a minimum wage job and never finished school or tried to better yourself, do not come whining to me when I have spent that time getting a degree and working my ass off.  You have the same potential as anyone else that lives in this country.  When you pull your fair weight, you will get your fair share.

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