Riding the Bandwagon

The big college football game was this past Monday: The National Championship.  The Ohio State Buckeyes “at” the Oregon Ducks in Texas.  Now, all of the hype leading up to the game is the standard caliber hype.  What is important is the message.  Almost every article I read said Ohio State was better in a couple more areas, but ultimately, Oregon would win.  Hell, listening to the hype, I did not think the Buckeyes stood a chance, but I am also a jaded Cincinnati Bengals fan.  I haven’t seen a playoff win from them since I was ten.  (Yeah, yeah… I know Cincy is in the NFL, but my jadedness and lack of faith in sporting teams come from them.)

So guess what?  Ohio State won.  They kept it interesting by turning the ball over four times.  Otherwise, it would have been a beating akin to watching Jet Li destroy an old woman using a walker – not pretty.  After the game, everyone changed their tune.  The commentators said something to the effect of “everyone said Oregon but really thought Ohio State would win.”  Wait, what?  No!  If you think Ohio State is going to win, why the hell did you say Oregon?  Y’all changed your tune.  The bandwagon came strolling by, and you jumped right on.  It is OK to be wrong.  It is not OK to be a sissy-ass and not say what you think in this regard.

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