Self-Inflicted Wounds

You know, I do not like confrontations.  I really do not, but it seems like I do things that invite, or cause, confrontations.  I get, “Why did you do that?” all the time.  It always seems like the most fun or interesting thing to do.  It is not always the smartest thing to do.  I could go into so many examples, but that would be another self-inflicting wound.  Why get myself into more trouble when I’m so good at it already?  It’s just like my last tattoo.  I was fine for the first 90 minutes.  Yeah, it was painful, but not bad.  That last hour was like rubbing a Brillo pad on an open wound.  Take that and apply it to why I will not go into examples.  I can take self-inflicted wounds so much, but when they start to feel like that Brillo pad, I’ve gone a little too far.

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