Setting Expectations

I am all about setting expectations.  I want to know what people want and expect from me up front.  I want to make sure I return the gesture.  When my wife and I started dating, I made sure I could stand her and liked her well enough on the first date.  After that part was established, I told her I was looking for long term and marriage.  If she wasn’t ready for that, then we should just move on now and not drag it out.  True story.  I am a little more forward than most with my opinion and my willingness to show my thoughts.  I cannot stand fence riders.  For those who cannot make decisions or are unwilling to give their opinion or set expectations, stay home.  Nothing sucks more than working your ass off for a goal only to find out that was not the goal everyone else was shooting for but unwilling to communicate.  People like that deserve a punch in the throat.  Don’t waste my time, and I will not waste yours.  See.  I just set expectations.  Waste my time = get punched in the throat.  See how easy that was?

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