Simple Pleasures

Time is limited.  We all know this.  We all wish we had more time.  Time to sleep.  Time to play.  Time to get shit done at work.  Then, there are those moments that we never want to end.  We want time to stop, cherishing a moment forever.  Those are rare.  There is nothing like feeling the calmness of someone you care about sleeping on your chest, feeling them breathe, maybe even hearing them snore a little.  There is no safer feeling than being wrapped up by that person’s arms.

There is so much bullshit in this world that it is easy to get caught up in the drama.  Society makes it difficult to make it through life.  We make it, but we are not unscathed.  We carry the cuts and bruises of life.  Stress can literally kill a person.  Even though we wish for more time, we will not get it.  We have to prioritize.  We usually suck at that.  We do dumb shit like watch TV instead of doing dishes.  Then, when we run out of clean dishes, we panic because we have to get the kids to soccer and football practices, and we do not have the time.  We then say we do not have enough time to relax.

We need downtime though.  I enjoy writing and exploring back roads.  Yesterday, I drove down to Parkersburg, WV taking old state and county roads instead of the interstate.  It was a relaxing trip.  I took my time.  I enjoyed some scenery.  Instead of mindlessly watching some worthless TV show, it was good to get out and enjoy something real.  I am learning to stop and cherish these simple pleasures in life.  In thirty years, I will never remember what happened on Game of Thrones, but I will look back about how peaceful it was traveling on State Route 821 through the southeastern part of Ohio and how someone felt in my arms.  Those are the memories I want to look back on during my last days on Earth.

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